Ski through the entire season by avoiding injury.

New jacket. Check. Snowboard waxed. Check. Chains on the tires. Check. You’re ready, and there is finally fresh powder on the hill. The anticipation built up over the sunny, summer months is finally about to be unleashed down the hill. And then it happens. All your preparation lost to the jump you landed wrong and your newly torn ACL. It happens. And there is nothing that you could have done, right? WRONG.

We see it in our clinic every season. Knee pain, tears, sprains, wrist and shoulder injuries…many that could have been prevented with the proper preparation. Yes falls will happen, especially with inexperienced athletes, but you can reduce your number of falls and how your body responds to falls with the appropriate training.

The best way to prepare yourself for the hill is to have the right training program that is tailored to you and your sport. Programs should be sport specific because most injuries are sports specific. Although there is some cross over, for skiers the most common injuries are ACL injuries, knee pain, and knee sprains; for snowboarders the most common injuries are wrist fractures, shoulder separations, and elbow dislocations.

So what is the proper training program to avoid these injuries? The proper training program involves a lot of core and hip strengthening to provide more stability for when you’re out on the mountain. The stronger your core and hips are, the less likely you are to fall. It will also help you carve better and land your jumps with ease. Specific core and hip exercises should be determined by a movement expert based on your muskuloskeletal capabilities and/or deficiencies. To find out what core and hip exercises are right for you, ask our movement experts by calling us at: (415) 593-2532