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Our Run Clinic with One Medical is happening for the first time January 21. Appointments start at 4pm.

Do you want to increase your mileage, improve your speed, train for a marathon, or just make sure you’re on the right track? Give us a call at 415.318.8138.

The Run Clinic lasts about 1 hour 20 minutes and provides a medical review with Arnold Lee, MD, a 30 minute running, strength and flexibility assessment with one of our physical therapists, and a 20 minute nutritional review with a nutrition expert from One Medical Group.

A spot in the Run Clinic may also serve as a great gift for that special someone! Call us at 415.318.8138.


In my work as a physical therapist, runners come to me all the time with questions about which running techniques are best. Usually they are struggling with injuries and they’ve heard about the latest, greatest technique on the Web or from their running buddy. They’re hoping that if they change their shoes or the way their foot strikes the ground they’ll get rid of that aching hip or knee or ankle—and they’ll run faster, too.

They want to bottom line answers to help them sort through all of strong—and often conflicting—opinions they’ve heard: Should a runner land on the heel, midfoot, or forefoot? What’s the deal with “overstriding?” And what is all the fuss about barefoot running?

Unfortunately I have to break it to them that there are no easy answers. There’s no silver bullet when it comes to running—a technique that has been the answer to your running buddy’s prayers might not be best suited for your body. If you really want to know which running techniques will suit you best, I recommend a full biomechanical assessment of your running and training patterns. (Full disclosure: In addition to my work as a physical therapist, I also work at a running clinic where we do these types of assessments.)

But since the Web is rife with opinions about this stuff, I’d like to share thoughts about the current running buzz based on what I’ve seen in my practice. I hope all of you runners out there will find it a useful reference as you continue to learn more about running. Read the rest of this entry »